Holiday Crave-ings

A couple of weeks ago Meandering Design was at the Holiday Crave-ings event. It was like a mini party.
I was very impressed that I wrote this sign legibly!
I shared a table with Heidi Tehilla Sculpture whose work is evocative of her spirit-strong, beautiful, warm and supportive. You can see some of her sculptures in the picture below.

Dana Frost, of capim santo alchemy, was there spreading peace and joy through her magical concoctions. I have her Soar blend as a roll on and Suspend as a spray and I use them daily! Bright Endeavors candles were being sold and I highly recommend them. The candles are made using essential oils and burn beautifully. I'm very scent sensitive and I just love how these smell. They also support a wonderful organization called New Moms, Inc. Behind me is Lara LaPratt of Shopping Girl XoXo and she had some lovely things to wear and style you with. There were so many fabulous vendors that it was hard not to spend my time shopping.

I also finally met Tania Rodamilans whose artwork is stunning and her jewelry is like pieces of art to treasure. She took the photo below for our mutual friend Julie Kramer of Shift (gorgeous wearable dresses) because Julie kindly donated her scrap fabric to me and I made the green and grey scarf below.

My final shout out goes to Iwona who makes iPad and iPhone covers out of upcycled materials. We are kindred spirits and I'm so glad we got a chance to meet. You can see her iPad covers in the left hand corner of the picture she was kind enough to snap of Meandering Design below.

The amount of support from the vendors and visitors alike was overwhelming. It was also wonderful that so many people from Fear Experiment came to visit. I am grateful to Crave and Saya for the opportunity to be a part of the Crave holiday party. 

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