An Ode...

A little something pretty, just because. Photo credit Kandy M. Christensen

I mentioned awhile back that I've become a glass half-full type of girl and that in part is thanks to Janice. I was at a Crave event last June and Janice introduced herself as someone who helps people through periods of loss and transition. That, my friends, was where I was at. I was stuck in grief and could not find a path out. I met with Janice, who is a life coach, and that apparently was what I needed to become unstuck. I worked with Janice for three months and by the end of our sessions I figured out my true purpose in life, which is to be an artisan and to teach others about craft, artisans and the history of handmade. I also learned that I love to make the world a beautiful place, that I'm intelligent, I'm an individualist, I like to research things before I act, I tend to get stuck in the past, I rely heavily on my feelings or gut, I am artistic, and sometimes prone to depression. Some of you who are reading and know me well may be saying, duh, we knew that, but while I may have seen those traits within myself, it took working with Janice to really own them. There was a significant shift within myself and how I view the world. Also, from those sessions Meandering Design started to become so much more then just an online shop and I'm excited to see the path it takes.  

A side effect of determining what is my path in life is I want to help others find their path. Now when I meet people I want to talk to them about their passion, or help them find their passion. I have met some wonderful people with amazing ideas, talents and skills and they are, sadly, not sharing their gifts with the world. I now find myself encouraging people, connecting them to others who can possibly help them, or providing any advice that may be useful.

What passion or dream are you hiding? 

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