A dream is a wish your heart makes

When I was a child I had a record player and I think I had almost all of the Disney movie sound tracks to date, oh and Pete's Dragon (Pasama-what?) I actually had not seen the movies. This was back in the day when there was no VHS, DVD, or BlueRay. The only Disney movie I remember seeing in the movie theater was Bambi. Oh, and don't tell my cousin Tracy, but Bambi's mom dies. Even though I had not seen the film, I knew the soundtracks not just by heart, but down to my wee tippy toes.

In those days I had so many dreams, most of which I have forgotten, and I think somewhere along the way I forgot how to dream. Or I simply stopped allowing myself to dream. I was reading a blog post by Danielle LaPorte, the author of 'The Firestarter Sessions' and she said "You are capable of holding two states of consciousness at once: presence and longing, gratitude and desire, contentment and hunger. This is what it means to become whole". I highly suggest you read the whole post here (still longing for an internet Chicago Manual of Style!). 

I'm not sure if this is the response she was looking for but I had a huge slap my forehead moment- holy crap people buy stuff I make. Duh! I created Meandering Design to make things and then sell them, but I do not think that I recognized how overwhelming the feeling is that someone bought a skirt I made for their mother for Christmas. Or that a friend bought a scarf that I made out of fabrics I love and lined with a men's dress shirt that I had upcycled. Or that there are people in far flung places who are taking picnics on a Meandering Design picnic blanket.

Yet, at the same time, there is that tension of living life and living a dream, and still wanting more. And you know what, it is a wicked great place to be.KMC

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