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Now that the fate of the world has been decided I can go back to focusing on other very important things. Like choices I have not been able to make for, oh, I don't know, ten years. I speak of decorating choices.

I purchased this chair sometime around 1998 from Josie's Antiques out in DeKalb (I can date it based on the car I had! Who knew you could fit a chair this size in the front seat of a two door Mazda MX6).  It was covered in some fantastically ugly pink brocade fabric that was probably original to the chair. The soft yellow paint and gilding are flaking off and for a moment I thought about painting it, but then that moment passed. Sometime around 2001 when I moved into my first apartment in Chicago I did a very poor job at covering it in some light green brocade fabric.

When I moved to my new apartment I ripped all the fabric off the chair and now it sits forlorn and naked. I threw some fabric over it to hide its stuffing. I have been trying to find vintage fabric but I need a lot of yardage and I am having difficulties finding enough. I did find some gorgeous grey vintage fabric but it cost a pretty penny and was in Belgium. I may just need to go to Europe to find some fabric...

At first I was thinking of covering it in dark grey velvet, but then I realized I want some color. Here are a couple of things I found that inspired my new color choice. I wanted something a little dramatic to suit the lines of the chair (and because I am a princess).

Via Pinterest

Oh wait, that's grey....via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

 So, here are my options. This requires you to reveal yourself and tell me which fabric you prefer.

From Purl Soho
Here is a cotton/linen upholstery weight blend from Echino, who is a designer I adore.

These are both peacock green velvet upholstery fabric.

Or I stick with grey....Thoughts???

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