Why Fear Experiment?

I am hijacking Meandering Design today to talk about something deeply personal. Yet, even as I write that I realize Meandering Design is made up of the thoughts, feelings, aesthetic and dreams of Sheska and I and there really is not a line drawn between the business and our personal lives. So, here goes.

First, it is very difficult to describe Fear Experiment, except to say it involves a group of people who get together to challenge their fears and perform on stage at the Park West. I also have to point out that when you get a group of like minded people (courageous, smart, witty, driven, and willing to face their fears) in the same room something magical happens. I would highly recommend the experience and in fact you can sign up for the next Fear Experiment here

I can promise you that the show on December 15th (you can get tickets here) will be entertaining, amazing, fun and inspiring. Did I mention that the show has sold out the last couple of years, so buy your tickets now.

When I was in grade school I was outgoing, gregarious, chatty and willing to throw myself headlong into every challenge. A teacher wrote on one of my report cards "Kandy is a social butterfly". Around the time I turned thirteen that girl went into hiding and I would say that she really did not come out of her shell until I was about 30.

For a very long time, long after I banished my shyness, I still identified as that girl. You know-the one who would go to parties and would hide off in the corner; the one who would walk the halls in highschool with her nose buried in a book; the one who would break out in hives when she had to talk to strangers; the one who was so very awkward at making small talk; the one who tried to hide her body in shapeless black clothes.

Some of you reading this may remember and recognize how far I have come, yet so many people do not know me from that time in my life and are often shocked to find out that I still think I am shy.

It is time to lay that part of my life to rest. I am no longer that girl. I think standing up on stage at the Park West and singing my heart out will prove that.


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