Stockings- not those kind!

I have to make a disclaimer. I am not the type of person who puts up their Christmas tree at Thanksgiving or finishes her Christmas shopping early and I would rather not hear Christmas carols until Christmas. With that said, when you are making things by hand you have to start early!

I made Christmas stockings and they were fun to make. If anyone is interested in taking a Christmas stocking class drop me a line at

. I wanted to tell the story behind these stockings. I made them because a friend of mine was interested in making one for her son's first Christmas. I was going to make one to give her, but instead she's going to come over and sew one herself.

These stockings were made with joy and they were also made out of materials that people gifted to me. For example, the turqoise blue and silver fabric was given to me from my ex-boyfriend (we're still friends!). He was a mover and someone was getting rid of this large bolt of fabric and he brought it home to me. I have had it for almost ten years now and I did not know what to do with it. I finally made myself a Christmas tree skirt out of it and I love the turqoise against my silver tree. I figured it would make a great Christmas stocking too. It is lined with a bit of fabric that Margie from Red-Belly gave me (check out her handmade belts and belt buckles because they are wicked cool).

The grey and green plaid is another piece of fabric from Margie and it is lined with fabric my friend Carey gave me when she was cleaning out her craft closet.

The final stocking is a bit of 1970's plaid that Kate from Strong Wear (she has fabulous hats) gave me and is lined with some more of Carey's fabric.

You can find Christmas stockings in the shop.


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