I may have mentioned that I want to open up a craft co-working space. Right now Meandering Design's focus has been on selling clothing and accessories, teaching sewing lessons and opening up my space for people to come hang out and sew. I have been working to spread the word about Meandering Design and thank you all so much for your help with that. I am an introvert who is really good at acting like an extrovert (that statement alone is worth a whole blog post), but I have been working hard to go to events and meet people. While it has been challenging for me to go out into the world to networking events and promote Meandering Design I am glad that I have because I have received so many amazing gifts.

I have received the gift of knowledge and information, people have connected me to people who may be able to assist me, people have recommended me for lessons, I am constantly being gifted with fabric and I have been warmly welcomed into the Chicago craft and entrepreneurial community. I keep talking about Meandering Design-what we do, our mission and where we want to go and I am met with delight, excitement and support. It is hard to start up a business. It is hard to work a full time job and go home in the evenings and work. Yet, I am thriving on it.

My passion for Meandering Design was confirmed the other day when I came across an old factory in my neighborhood. The co-working space was a 1-3 year plan type of thing. I was not ready to embark on that adventure. Except, I saw this property and my heart skipped a beat. I have to have it. I talked to the realtor who said the owners are willing to invest in making improvements to the building and building it out according to the clients specifications, but they want someone established who can make a commitment to the lease.

It is 4800 square feet and it is on the 5400 block of Wolcott close to Roseville Cemetary. It is also right around the corner from my apartment. It has a large parking area that could be used for events (this morning I woke up dreaming about some raised bed planters so we could have a garden). If you know anyone who is interested in sharing space- I'm thinking event planners, photographers, artists and artisans, then let me know. If you know anyone who wants to invest in a start-up let me know. If you have any creative crazy ideas please let me know. I can be reached at meanderingdesign@gmail.com. I am not yet willing to give up on this property.

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