Catching Up

Sorry posting was so light last week, but I fell over sick. Thankfully I feel much better and I'm looking forward to getting back in the studio. I am starting to feel the pressure of the holiday season though. There are so many things I want to make for the shop for Christmas and so many Christmas presents I have to make. At the same time I am trying to adopt a 'que sera sera' attitude and not freak out. Christmas can do that to people.

I love buying presents for people. I love trying to find something that makes their eyes light up and let them know that I was thinking about them. One year I bought everybody in my family slippers and I embroidered things on them. For my grandfather, Poppy, I embroidered his favorite orange tabby. Every time I saw him wearing those slippers it made me smile. It was something small, relatively inexpensive, but since I personalized it those presents meant so much to the people who received them.

This Christmas I recommend slowing down. Give the gift of yourself to friends you have not seen in awhile. Instead of going overboard and buying a ton of things with money you may not have, buy less. They won't notice the difference. I remember one year as a child my favorite present that Santa left under the tree was a box of crayons (oh and there is a Santa Claus).

If I could suggest a fun Christmas present...Sewing Lessons at Meandering Design. We can customize a class for any skill level. Or, if you want a night out feel free to bring a bottle of your favorite wine and come learn how to sew.

Check out the options here.

Hope to see you or a friend at a lesson soon.

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