Blogging and food

There is a reason why I am not a food blogger-I like to eat. While I love to cook and I do ascribe to the mise en place philosophy of cooking I want it to be done so I can eat it. I did have to share this recipe because it is delicious in its simplicity. Goat cheese, tomatoes, chives (I used rosemary), crispy bread and an egg are baked to crispy goodness. I should point out that this was delicious even without the prosciutto.

The only reason there was an after picture was because it had to cool down for a moment before I ate it.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to What Liberty Ate Magazine. It is a gorgeous online magazine full of photos, information and recipes. I found this recipe in the Spring/Summer second issue. I think I'll be trying the Pavlova with honey cream and strawberries soon. KMC

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