A Brilliant Night

Last week I went to Mignonette Bridal on Belmont for Craft Bar's First Friday. Another Fear Experiment member invited me and I'm glad I went*.  It was fun because there was one area where people could take a strip from an old tshirt and make it into a flower and another where there were ribbons and buttons and sparkly bits and bobs. I found a piece of blue stiff tulle and folded it up and wrapped it with ribbon and put some buttons on it. I then attached it to a hair clip. It was fun to fuss with a bit of fluff and make it into something wearable. 

After that I went to the Cornelia Arts Building for their monthly open house. I got to see my friend Doug Birkenheuer's photography. His work is beyond words. Keep an eye out because they will be having another open house on November 16th and if you have the opportunity to go, please do because there are so many fabulous artists gathered under one roof.

*Fear Experiment has been amazing, exhilerating, tiring, scary and every contradictory thought I have rolled into on. What it has been overall though is fun and within only one month I have met some wicked amazing people. Please come to the show. Tickets are available here and the show sells out so buy now- http://macncheeseproductions.com/fear-experiment-three-the-show

Also, if you are interested in going on this crazy, mad fun adventure applications are being accepted for the next round- http://macncheeseproductions.com/fear-experiment

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