Why do we buy?

I decided to move from Wicker Park up North to Lincoln Square. My first reaction was to look for an apartment to rent and for just one moment it crossed my mind to buy a place. It was gone in the next moment because a) I really don't want to buy a home/condo/space b) I want to buy a space for Meandering Design, not just a place to live. Ultimately, I chose not to buy, even though many people were urging me to do so.

I will admit that sometimes I buy something because

ooo shiny

, but generally I try to have a need for it and then I usually research what I want to buy and look around first. I try to support local shops and local artisans. I say try, because I do not always succeed. I found this article interesting in

Apartment Therapy

because it looks at the reason behind why we buy things.

It is no longer just to have 'stuff', but to have a connection to our stuff. That connection can lead to a broader platform because as the author states, "if our purchasing truly is spurred by a desire for communication and mastery, it might be leading us to re-think and re-tool our environments so they better suit our lives, to take more control of our homes, and to communicate freely about some of our most personal spaces, moments, and needs."

Until that day we use our homes as communication hubs, I do believe that the connection we have with our things is important. For example, my grandfather made this workbench and I think of him when I use it. 

My friend saw this teacup saucer and glass turned plate stand and thought of me and bought it for me for my birthday. When I look at it I think about how ingenious of an idea it is and also how sweet it was of my friend to think of me.

The acquisition of my dress form is a

story in and of itself 

and the scarf is made out of

Uzbekistani Ikat

that I bought from a gentleman in Istanbul where I went on vacation with a friend. That trip gave me so many memories and treasures.

Scarf is available


Almost everything in my house tells a story about a friend, beloved family member, a trip, or a time in my life. The things I own connect me to the people who made them and I in turn share their stories.

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