Wardrobe Revamp

I looked at an old list of things to do and it said 'find a teaching job'. At that point in time I was thinking of using my Masters in English to find an adjunct teaching position. Now, a year later, I am fulfilling that desire in a slightly different manner. Last Saturday night I had a trial run of the "Wardrobe Revamp" class and it was so much fun.

Teaching 'Wardrobe Revamp' is an extension of what I do at Meandering Design, which is to salvage items and give them a new lease on life. Whether that is hemming a pair of pants, turning up a sleeve so that it doesn't look quite so matronly, completely revamping an overlarge tshirt that has sentimental meaning (some of the things we did that night) or finding vintage fabric and turning it into something new. Wardrobe Revamp provides very basic hand sewing skills so that anyone can fix, mend, or revamp something in their closet. This is not an exclusively female domain, men can just as easily learn these skills. If a man in the military can sew a button on his dress blues, then I think civilians can too!

Jenn brought a pair of pants that she rarely wore because they were too long and we prepped them for her to take home and hem. She also admitted that hand sewing was kind of relaxing.

Elaina, from Lala Line, and my cohort in crime, turned a tshirt from her uncle who is a Chicago cop that was too big into a very sexy little number.

In the course of an evening we learned basic stitches and talked about things that can be done to freshen up an article of clothing. One of the participants texted me later and was very excited because she successfully sewed a button onto her coat. I cannot tell you how proud that made me!

Everyone who takes Wardrobe Revamp gets a complimentary studio session. The studio sessions are designed for people who have basic sewing skills and  have started something and never finished it, or gotten stuck and need assistance.For two hours, every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 (until December 19th), you get to come and sew with me.

If you are interested in taking a class or individual lessons, or coming to a studio session, then 'like' Meandering Design on Facebook where I will be posting information on upcoming classes.

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