What do you Crave?

Meandering Design grew out of my passion for sewing and my desire to live a sustainable handmade life. I think that statement alone deserves its own blog post, but today I want to talk about an organization called Crave. Last year I needed a way to connect with people, especially since I was spending my time home alone sewing. I checked out Mac 'n Cheese Productions (which also deserves its own blog post) and I stumbled across Crave.

The first event I went to we made vision boards. I got to spend a Saturday afternoon on a dreary January day sitting around a table chatting with a group of women who had done, and continue to do, amazing things in their life while cutting up magazines and making a collage to represent what I want in my life. Seriously- how cool is that.

I notice that there is a definite international influence...

I kept going to events and sharing Meandering Design with people and I always got such a positive response and people kept connecting me to people they either thought I should know or, who could help me with my business. I've found a life coach, an insurance agent and even someone to help me with my finances. Each one of these people has helped me in immeasurable ways. Most importantly I have found a group of people who inspire and support me.

This is Saya who runs Mac 'n Cheese and our Crave chapter and is just all around amazing*

The last Crave event was held at Shop 1021 in Logan Square and it was difficult to concentrate while surrounded by so many fabulous goods for sale. We were lucky to have Sarah Neukom who is the Producer of Positivity at Red Frog Events and Sheila O'Grady who is a consultant at Spencer Stuart to talk about leadership. I was amazed at their insight regarding leadership and the things that they have accomplished.

This is my friend Christina who was overjoyed to find a room of creative entrepreneurs*
Christina and I rode our bikes home and for just a moment all you could hear was the whir of our tires as we both happily peddled away. Then at the same moment we both excitedly started talking about all of the phenomenal women that we had talked to over the course of the evening and our plans for the future. I can't wait to see tomorrow brings.

*I have to commend Amy Boyle who took the gorgeous photos for July's Crave event and also the photos of Meandering Design. The Crave staff designed a beautiful write up on Meandering Design, but her photos take center stage.

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