Big Hairy Audacious Goals

A few years back I took a course on leadership in Ireland. There I met some amazing friends and the seed was planted to follow my dreams. Our professor said have BHAGs (pronounced bags)- Big Hairy Audacious Goals. That phrase has stuck with me all these years, but I did not know what my BHAG was. At a Crave event a couple of months ago as part of our introductions we always do an ask, something you need help with or desire, and at that time I worked from home and I was lonely. Considering I'm an only child that says a lot. I asked if there were any crafty co-working spaces in Chicago and while people had some awesome co-working spaces, there wasn't a place that I could bring my sewing machine.

My friend Christina and I went for a horseback ride on the beach in Cleggan, Ireland.
Then I realized that I wanted to create a crafty co-working space. I wanted a huge loft to convert into a space that would have room for trainings on screen printing, sewing, wood working or whatever skill someone wanted to share. I wanted there to be a space for movie night and gatherings. I dreamed that people would come to work and there would be a gravitation towards collaboration. I even mocked up the lay out of my dream space! At the same time I read on San Francisco Girl by the Bay (highly recommend her blog) that they were creating a clubhouse for creative people called Makeshift Society. If I was in San Francisco I'd  join in a heartbeat.

The clubhouse is a beautiful mix of vintage warmth, mid-century modern and industrial, but with wood tones, old leather and textiles to cozy up the space.

Image via DesignSponge originally created by Victoria Smith.

I pull sheets out of magazines and have done so for years (the precursor to Pinterest!), and many many years ago I pulled out a picture of a light filled bay window that had two French bistro chairs and a small round table. When I made a mood board for Meandering Design that picture went front and center. So, when I saw two French bistro chairs for sale I had to have them. They are chipped and worn and just beautiful. They will go out on my new deck with a very rusty round table that I found at Josie's in DeKalb.

I am leaning towards white with pops of color. I want to have a space that is restful on the eyes so people feel comfortable to create. I was inspired by this home that was showcased on DesignSponge because the light streams in and it is filled with warm textures and that perfect pop of color.

Via DesignSponge
I pin things that I covet for Meandering Designs space, or that inspire me on Pinterest.

*I was struggling with this post because I am referencing sources that are not my own. I wish there was an MLA or Chicago Style Manual for the internet! I want to note that I hope you go and visit the sites that I have referenced and please know that I am inspired daily by these talented designers and design afficianados.

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