I will admit that when I was a little girl I had a pink bedroom. Then I went through my goth phase in high school and everything was black. I even dyed my hair black at one point. Which was a really bad idea. Then at the point where I might have thought of moving out of the black phase I bought into the belief that black was slimming. That is a whole pile of, as my grandfather would say, horse manure. Gradually I started adding color into my wardrobe. Yet, pink and I were still not on speaking terms.

I am generally drawn to fabrics that are orange, which is the only reason I think that I can give for buying these fabrics. I bought them quite a few years ago, but only because they were orange. Then when I started going through my fabric stash (which is a conversation for another day) I pulled these out and realized they were pink. In fact one is pink with a mauve and tangerine flowers and the other has neon pink, green, yellow and orange. Neon!!

Pink and it is a jersey knit!

Did I mention that this is 1960's polyester?!
I bought the fabric below because it was plaid and I lurve plaid. I completely overlooked the fact that while it is primarily grey, it is pink too. I also made this fabric into a skirt for the shop and I am having a hard time letting it go, which explains why I haven't listed it in the shop yet!

The rain came through as I was taking this picture so the pink is a little paler then in real life.
While I was at the Fabric Warehouse in Pilsen I picked up the hot pink and chocolate fabric below to make a skirt for myself. It is a Nigerian batik and it had a very waxy feel to it, so I only bought enough for one skirt (yes, only for me). I may have to go back and get some more because when I washed it the fabric ended up having a lovely unwaxy feel to it. I bought a hot pink shirt to wear with it. 

Hot Pink!!!
Apparently I now wear pink. So, I had to have the right shoes. These are made from Liberty of London fabric and they have pink velvet shoelaces. Seriously-pink velvet shoelaces.

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