Percolating about size

Sometimes when I hear a comment somebody makes it takes a bit of time to filter through my mind, percolate, and then I just need to say something. I am very consciously trying to make things of all different sizes for Meandering Design. Not just because I have difficulty finding beautiful clothes in my size, but also because I have listened to my friends of all different shapes and sizes with the same lament. I think my friends are beautiful and I want them to feel beautiful. That is hard to do when you feel like your body does not fit the mold.

Last week there were some side walk sales in my neighborhood and as I was driving down Damen I saw a piece of barkcloth being displayed and I pulled over immediately. I need a bumper sticker that says "I Brake for Barkcloth" (for those of you unfamiliar with barkcloth it is a nubby fabric from primarily the 40's and 50's that was used to decorate the 'boudoir'. So you would have barkcloth curtains, a barkcloth settee, a barkcloth duvet cover, barkcloth lampshade, etc. It comes in great colors with florals and also tropical prints. I have some and I hoard it). I did not buy the barkcloth, because it was too expensive, but I did find a really cool 40's duvet cover that I can reuse for fabric, some lace, and I may have possibly bought more buttons (I know, I have a problem).

The woman who was hosting the sidewalk sale pointed to the shop next door and asked me if I had ever shopped there. At that point I realized she was the owner and designer, and I answered truthfully that I had tried to but nothing fit me. She said that their clothes were made out of vintage fabric. I love this designers work. It is modern, yet romantic and vintage, all at the same time and the articles of clothing and accessories are gorgeous. I have long wanted to buy something, except every time I have been in there I have felt out of place and uncomfortable. While the clothes don't fit she has some beautiful accessories, but since I feel like I don't belong I walk in and turn around and flee without purchasing something.

The seamstress in me understands what she is saying. With limited materials it is challenging to make clothing in all sizes. Except, I wonder if it would be possible to make less of one item in more sizes in order to sell to a wider range of clientele. So, I will continue to make clothes in a whole range of sizes and some of those will be one of a kind, because there was only enough fabric to make one. That I think makes it pretty darn special. 

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