A beautiful space

I have been to the Fabric Warehouse at 2121 W. 21st Street in Pilsen many times. Normally though, I go on Sunday (they are closed on Saturday) and a couple weeks ago I went during a week day and the mood was completely different. On Sundays they are mobbed and you barely have a chance to interact with the people who are checking you out, but on a weekday you get a chance to see what is going on around you.

Photo credit Ingrid Oyen

I love this place because it is where fabric goes to be revived. Fabric that is no longer in style, or fabric from stores that are closing down, end up at the Fabric Warehouse. It keeps a lot of textiles out of the landfill. Pilsen is a neighborhood that is made up of a mix of ethnicities and they were all reflected in the employees at the Warehouse. I heard quite a few different languages being spoken. It is such an important part of the neighborhood.

Photo credit Ingrid Oyen

I have taken many people here to explore. It is dusty, a bit grimy, and very colorful. It can be overwhelming so the best thing to do is to walk in and not look for anything specific. You never know what you are going to find. My friend Ingrid came with me one time and took these gorgeous photos. She is a gifted photographer and I have a couple of her photos hanging on my walls. They give a very good sense of how it feels to be there. This picture is one of my favorites. This is only one aisle of a whole heck of a lot of aisles full of fabric.

Photo Credit Ingrid Oyen

Back view of bolts of fabric. Photo credit Ingrid Oyen

Keep an eye on the shop because in the next week I'll be listing skirts and bags made out of some amazing batik I found on a previous expedition.

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