Yarn Bomb

While I love crafting, I am finding that it is often a solitary endeavor. In an attempt to get out and meet other crafters I joined a Meetup group that was going to yarn bomb Logan Square. A yarn bomb is sort of like a form of graffiti. It changes the landscape, but unlike normal graffiti, it can be removed. I have heard about them but never seen one. Last week I met a group of knitters and crocheters (it is always nice not to be the only crocheter in the group) at El Cid in Logan Square and over margaritas and tacos we created some items for the neighborhood. We are making cozies to cover trees, sign posts and garbage cans.

I won't be able to make it to this weeks meeting, but I still wanted to contribute and so I sat down the other night and made a sign post cozy out of my left over bits of yarn. I had some red, turquoise, lime, and orange yarn. Amazingly all together they did not look bad. In fact I really liked one of the color combos. Turquoise and red together look really cool and a little reminiscent of the 1970's.  I'm going to have to make a scarf out of those colors.

If anyone else is interested in contributing to the yarn bomb you can find information at the Logan Square yarn bomb site. 

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