Opening Day

Today's opening day was kind of like the Cubs. It started out with a murmur and ended on a whimper. I have quite a few more things that I need to clean up, shoot pictures of and then list on Etsy. I did manage to put a few things in the shop. Just a few. By the end of the weekend there will be more. I spent the day cleaning up the house and putting my ducks in a row. There is a pile of things waiting to be sewn.

On another note, I got my business cards and they are beautiful. The color looks just right and the printer did a lovely job. I highly recommend Green Printer, especially since they are located here in Chicago and they not only offer recycled paper, but they also print using waterless methods and have so many ways of doing business green.

The website is accessible,, and will link you to the Etsy shop and blog. Dennis is still working on the final layout of the website.

So here is to my anti-climatic very soft opening. Stay tuned for much much more. 

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