Mama said...

The other day I had some great ideas, but poor execution. I could not sew the waistband for a skirt straight and so I decided to set it down and walk away. Then I picked up another skirt that I was adding some hand embroidery to in order to give it a pop of color. I embroidered a couple of flowers that may or may not have been monkeys, or giraffes, or possibly even elephants, regardless they definitely did not look like flowers. This would be the point where self-defeating spice takes over (that would be the spice girl that doesn't think she is as good as the other spice girls and makes snarky self-deprecating remarks) and tries to destroy my belief in my abilities. At that point I admitted failure and called it a day. As my favorite heroine Scarlett O'Hara said, "After all tomorrow is another day".

Today was a completely different day and I got a couple of more skirts made and listed in the shop. I have a couple of more picnic blankets done and a couple more prepped and ready to go. I'm going to need to borrow someone for a photo shoot!

My friend Carey and I went to a fabric warehouse in Pilsen a couple of days ago. I have been many times and I know to walk in without a specific need in mind. It is huge and can be a bit overwhelming, but I love it. I found some amazing Nigerian wax fabric. The fabric has a beautiful texture and drape to it. It is also has vibrant colors and almost modern designs. It is made using wax resistant dyeing.

I will be making this fabric into A-line skirts. If a print catches your eye let me know and I can make a skirt special just for you.

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