Hanging around

I keep losing my scissors and then I have to track them down. That means I do a loop from the sewing room to the kitchen to the living room and since I tend not to find them the first time I have to do the loop again. Keep in mind I currently have five different pairs of scissors: a pair of embroidery scissors to cut thread, a pair of tailor sheers, a pair of pinking sheers, a rotary cutter and another pair of normal fabric cutting scissors. I leave my tailor sheers in the kitchen because I typically cut fabric on the kitchen table and the embroidery scissors right by the sewing machine. The other scissors I only pull out when I need them, or when I can't find my other pair. I forgot to mention I also have separate set of scissors for cutting paper because fabric scissors are only for cutting fabric.

I was joking the other day about hanging a pair of scissors around my neck, but then I thought why not. So, I bought a pair of wee embroidery scissors from an Etsy shop in the UK, a costume jewelry necklace from another Etsy shop and with the help of my pink needle nose pliers (my mother spray painted a set of tools pink for me because an ex-boyfriend kept borrowing my tools and not returning them. She's brilliant that way!) and voila. I had a necklace with a pair of scissors. Now when I need to snip a thread no matter where I am I can. I may not want to wear them out in public though...

You can see what I have been up to with my fancy pants scissors in my Etsy shop

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