Selvedge is the print along the edge of a bolt of fabric that gives information about the color way, care and the designer (which also can include copyright information). The selvedge helps you color coordinate with other fabrics and gives you the information you may need. I bought a pile of fabric off of Etsy and one of the fabrics had its selvedge and it gave me the date it was made along with the designer. The selvedge provides a historical bit of information.

Many years ago I stumbled across a British magazine called Selvedge. It wasn't always easy to find and it did cost a bit more than your usual magazine, except it was worth it. Selvedge always inspired me with its articles about what current artists were doing with textiles, along with the history of designers and so much more. While the main focus was the United Kingdom, the magazine also highlighted textiles and designers from other countries, even including the United States.

I was very excited to see the cover of this month's Selvedge. In honor of the Queen's jubilee the magazine was focusing on the textiles of her coronation.

It also includes an article about Cecil Beaton and showcases photographs he took of the young queen and her family. He also took the picture of her coronation that is on the cover of the magazine. He used a 1000 watt bulb behind her to create the 'ethereal look'.

Selvedge provides a glimpse into the past and a look at current trends that shape what is happening in textiles today. I am going to have to go and renew my subscription.

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