Just perfect for a picnic

Chicago is absolutely at its brilliant best in the summer. Outdoor movies, music and fests. I have a great picnic backpack that some friends gave me years ago and in it I had stashed a plain beige sheet. It was just so blah. I came across a vibrant 1970's sheet and it was just the thing for a picnic. So I lined it with another old sheet and it is perfect for laying about in Grant Park. I found some more fabulous sheets and a 1990's denim duvet cover (does anyone remember that whole Ralph Lauren ranch chic look from the 90's?).  My friend Maria needed a picnic blanket and chose the first one I ever made.

Her son is an equal opportunity picnicker and likes them all.

The blankets, sans ridiculously cute baby, will be available June 1st in the shop. 

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