First imagine a 1950's horror movie and a woman with perfectly coiffed hair and daring red lipstick is holding her hands up in an attempt to protect herself from the horror advancing on her. That is the reaction I get when I mention that I am making skirts out of vintage polyester. I have quite a few polyester dresses from the late 1950's and early 1960's and they are fabulous. They do breath and at the same time they are stylish and ridiculously comfortable.

I think the polyester most people object to is from the 70's with a tighter weave and a propensity to smell horrid. I attended a traditional dance party in Dohuk, Iraq and one of the attendees was kind enough to lend me a Kurdish dress. It included a pair of pants that were relatively puffy and then gathered at the ankle, a long tunic and an over dress with long sleeves that are then tied around the back. The sleeves were reminiscent of Elizabethan dress. The whole outfit was very colorful and the whole thing was made out of polyester. By the end of the evening after dancing the dabka all night, I was uncomfortably warm and glistening!

I found some bright and beautiful polyester and I am making it into simple a-line skirts. A style that matches the period the fabric is from. Before you shrink into the corner shrieking  I can say with certainty that they will be comfortable, stylish and no one will know you are wearing polyester.

Really, who could object to this fabric?

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