I'm a leavin' on a jet plane

Actually the title of this post should be 'I left on a jet plane'. Yesterday I flew from Chicago to Heathrow airport in London. There I had a full vegetarian English breakfast. I also bought a friend and I our favorite Boots hair cream for curly hair. I may have also bought some Cadbury caramel chocolate bars. I must admit that I planned my layover for London because I knew that Heathrow has a full vegetarian English breakfast and for those of you have ever had the Cadbury caramel chocolate bar you know I do not need to say anything.

I then had a flight to Doha, Qatar where I am visiting my friend Barry. I landed in the evening and we had dinner and then I crawled into bed where I slept until noon. I ran and got a latte and an almond croissant, which were delicious, because Barry does not believe in coffee or breakfast. That is simply sacrilege. We went to dinner at a delicious Moroccan restaurant at the souk. We then picked up some of his colleagues to go to a place they called simply 'the green door'. This place is a treasure trove of some antiques, some tchotckhes and rugs owned by a gentleman named Gassan who is originally from Lebanon. Mon Dieu, the rugs. We spent hours sorting through rugs and Barry found a beautiful Persian rug. I also found a lovely little Kurdish rug. I never got a chance to buy one when I was in Iraq and I was laughing that I came to Qatar to buy an Iraqi rug. The photo below was not taken in the best light and the rug is actually a bit more orange. I love the geometric pattern.

While this blog may occasionally be hijacked to tell you what I am up to, today's post is relevant to Meandering Design. The shop we were at also had many items from India, including Sarongs. I found an orange sarong with elephants on it and because Barry and I were both buying carpets the shop owner gave it to me as a gift. Except I needed more because, really, how could you resist an orange fabric with elephants. When I saw it I knew immediately that it would make a fabulous skirt. So, I got a couple of orange one's and a couple of green sarongs that also had elephants on them. Plus everyone knows that elephant's with their trunk up are lucky (I say that a bit tongue in cheek especially after I read this article).

When I get home these will be made into skirts, I am leaning towards something gathered and with good twirlability (a word I just completely made up).  I am looking to open up the shop in June so keep an eye out if you like the fabric. Sorry they are a bit wrinkly, but I could not resist posting the photos.

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