If you build it...

I have set things in motion and they are coming to fruition. I am blessed and amazed to have some talented women, and gentlemen, working with me to get Meandering Design up and running. I almost have a logo and it is a thing of beauty and encapsulates what I am trying to do. I had a photo shoot with Amy Boyle for Crave magazine and she did some miraculous things with light. Including making me look fabulous.

Ironically everything, including the logo and headshot, revolve around the wall I stenciled in the living room. The design will show up on my business cards and website. For the photo shoot we used that wall as the back drop.

I also have been sewing. My plan is to get everything up and ready for a June first launch. Thank you everyone for all of your support and for helping me make decisions! I cannot wait to share the photos and logo with you.

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