A Rolling Stone Gathers Moss

I have been going to events for the past couple of months that are hosted by an organization called Crave . It is such a supportive group of women entrepreneurs that I submitted an application to join. I was selected, but now I really have to get moving. As part of their package Crave puts your contact information up on a website and they also publish a book annually. I knew that I would have to fill out some information about MD in order to get my information up on the website. What I did not expect was a photo shoot? They are sending a photographer, who is another Crave member, to do a photo shoot. They will need a couple of shots of me and a couple of shots of the business.

Cue Panic! That was Sunday and on Tuesday I was contacted by a photographer who wanted to meet this week. Since I am currently temping I asked to meet with her in three weeks. I took a peek at her website and I am very excited to see what she will be able to do with me. I am not photogenic, unless you catch me mid-laugh. Someone may need to come over and tickle me while she shoots photos. I have come up with a couple of ideas for shots of the business.

At least I have a bit of time to clean up my workspace and make a couple more things for the photo shoot. I don’t want Mrs. Palmer to be naked.

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