I could not sleep one night and so I created an inspiration board. I did not want anything cluttering up the walls in my study and so I put it on the closet door in my kitchen. I have been tearing out things that catch my eye for years now. In fact I think some of these tear outs may be more then a few years old, but in my eyes they are timeless. That is a bit of what I am going for. A feeling of being just a little out of time.
It was hard to get a picture due to the glossiness of the pictures, but here is my overall inspiration board.

I love the women below in the top left. The layers, the big hand warmers and hat with the oversized bag. It all feels well put together, yet effortless and it looks like something I would wear. I love the color combination in the center of teal and red. Brilliant. Of course I like any and all capes. 
It is hard to tell, but the top left picture below is a jacket made out of an old quilt. How delicious would that be? I also adore the bottom right photo that has an orange jacket with a pair of golden yellow pants. Mmmmm.

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