First learn how to hone in on your interior design style and then learn the basics of interior design. This class covers styling, furniture layout, lighting, color, art and those finishing touches that make a house a home. My favorite part about teaching this class is that people get to bring in a picture of their space and get some specific ideas to on how they can design their room.        


This class will teach you where to find design inspiration, how to use Pinterest or Houzz to hone your style, how to figure out what color you like in your home and what your personal style is. We will have a mini-workshop in class and walk through finding your style so you leave class with style ideas

Classes are held at my home in Lincoln Square and you can sign up here for Interior Design 101 and here for Find Your Interior Design Style   


Through teaching my Interior Design 101 course and working with clients I have found that people need some help getting their house in order. Paint, light fixtures, furniture and rugs are only part of the Interior Design equation. What needs to happen first is clearing away clutter, creating space and designing our home to support the way we want to live our lives.

The first step is learning how to do it, so please join me.