Design Your Path

Go from Stuck and Unsatisfied to Engaged and Inspired

Design Your Path is for people who are feeling stuck, uninspired, lost or lonely.

This course will help you find inspiration, uncover your personal path, find support, and keep forward momentum so that you can stop dreading the morning alarm and start greeting your day with enthusiasm. You will also get interior design tips and tricks so you can transform your space and create an environment that supports your life and work. 


Imagine waking up in the morning happy to get your day going, excited about your upcoming activities, energized and grateful for the life that you have.

This course will not help you quit your job, find a soul mate & backpack through Europe while working part time & remote in 30 days! (Who knows if that’s even what you want?!)

Design Your Path is meant to give you the Spark (and support) you need to clarify what you want in your life and how to incorporate it into your day to day.

Sign up today and together we will start your feet on the right path by taking small steps toward big dream that are aligned with your internal mission.


Interior Design 101

Learn the basics of interior design. This class covers styling, furniture layout, lighting, color, art and those finishing touches that make a house a home. My favorite part about teaching this class is that people get to bring in a picture of their space and get some specific ideas to on how they can design their room. Interior Design 101 is an in-person class taught at my home in Lincoln Square in Chicago. You can register here.         


Interior Design Style


This class will teach you where to find design inspiration, how to use Pinterest or Houzz to hone your style, how to figure out what color you like in your home and what your personal style is. We will have a mini-workshop in class and walk through finding your style so you leave class with style ideas

I’ve been wanting to update a couple rooms in my house for some time now, but kept getting stuck on where to start and how I wanted to envision the room. Kandy’s class and approach to interior design was easy for beginners to understand, while still offering a wide range of information and inspiration for all types of rooms and styles.

My favorite part was being able to share pictures of a room in my house I wanted her insight and expertise on. She came up with ideas I never would have thought of and I’m already putting some of them into action.

I highly recommend her class to anyone who wants to learn more about the guidelines of interior design and who are looking to express themselves more in the style of their home.
— Megan