My name is Kandy Christensen and I am a creator, maker, dreamer, photographer, traveler and Certified Interior Decorator. This is where I share my passion for thoughtful, sustainable and transformative design. In a world filled with too much information, clutter, and consumption you want your home to be a haven; I can help you create a serene welcoming environment.

Living in Chicago I've been lucky to have the richest architecture in the city to drive my inspiration. There are so many styles and eras to draw from. My goal is to help you find your style and for your home be a manifestation of who you are. 

As a child I was constantly rearranging rooms and day-dreaming about color and pattern. Items with history appeal to me and I've had a life-long obsession for salvaging materials and reusing them. 

While designing is my passion I also love to travel. I like to meet new people and learn about their culture. Those travels spark ideas for new color or patterns that I use in the spaces I design. I shoot old school film on a vintage Ilford camera that I bought on Portobello road in London. Friends often take pictures of me taking pictures.


My design philosophy is strongly driven by the need to incorporate sustainable, thoughtfully made, local and handmade products into the home. I search for treasures, sometimes within your own home, that fit your needs, your design style, who you are, how you live your life and how you want the space to function. I avidly support local artists, artisans, makers and the maker movement. I firmly believe that it is possible to incorporate sustainable practices in design without sacrificing style and while staying on budget. 

I believe that every home tells a story. There is an indelible imprint that is left by the things we surround ourselves with. For me, a home is made up of the memories of the people who have passed through those doors. I am inspired by people's histories. I incorporate family heirlooms, childhood treasures, collections, personal ephemera and objects found while traveling into the spaces I design. Let me help you tell your story.  

Meandering Design

Kandy Christensen grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and her family's roots are deep in the city. After knocking about the Midwest for a couple of years she finally found her way home to Chicago in 2001. She spent a year in Iraq working in the human rights field and that experience strongly influences her need to incorporate ethical, sustainable and local design into her life and her work.

Kandy is a Certified Interior Decorator and designs spaces using upcycled, vintage and locally sourced goods. Utilizing such materials ensures that every space she designs is unique. She is a strong supporter of the DIY movement and believes in helping her clients create their own space. She is available to consult and be a partner in a project or she can complete the design from initial conception to implementation.

Kandy is passionate about the work that she does and loves sharing her love of design with others. She speaks about upcycling, revamping, makers, sustainability and the importance of design. Kandy has spoken at Ignite Chicago and Potluck! A Smorgasbord of IdeasShe believes good design can change the world. 

Please drop her a line at to talk about design. 

Photo on the moor in England by ©malinak photography
Head shot by ©Dorey Kronick Art & Design