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Your home should feel like a haven; tell your life's history; and reflect who you are and your personality. Your home should support you in your endeavors. If your home does not suit your needs, or feel like 'you', then it is time to do something about it. 

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Mood boards designed just for your style and needs. 

Rooms designed and finished, including hanging the art. 


Or styled with your accessories to give the room that finished look. 




I adore using vintage goods and family heirlooms in the rooms I design. While shopping for clients I'd find so many lovely things that I could not pass up and my vintage shop was born. Since I mix eras in my design, I mix things up in my store and you'll find everything from Victorian through Mid-Century Modern.

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My name is Kandy Christensen and I am a creator, maker, dreamer, photographer, traveler and Certified Interior Decorator. This is where I share my passion for thoughtful, sustainable and transformative design. In a world filled with too much information, clutter, and consumption you want your home to be a haven; I can help you create a serene welcoming environment.

Check out my interior design services and let me know how I can help. 

Photo credit Dorey Kronick

Photo credit Dorey Kronick

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